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Over 16,000 students trained.  Trusted by over 127 regional schools. TorchPrep’s in-person classroom training delivers great ACT® scores. 

Changing the future one test score at a time.

Trusted By Top Schools (127 of them to be exact)

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TorchPrep’s BootCamp is a fast, proven, and powerful way to dramatically transform ACT® Test scores. We’re obsessed with strategy, so we will introduce trainees to valuable ACT® content-specific strategies. Once they’ve developed each strategy, they’ll practice it again...and again. Why? We are all about working smarter and harder.

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Customized Improvement Plan

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30 hours of Training

4 Full-Length Simulated Tests

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The Torchprep Method
Our team of trainers is trained to train you in how to learn the learnings you need to learn in order to test the testers that test you. Don’t worry, we’re professionals. We’ve helped hundreds of students, every year, get record-setting and expectation-crushing scores on The ACT® Test.


  • Hey, I just wanted to thank you so so much! The first time I ever took the ACT I got a 21 and now, after doing the boot camp, I bumped my score up 5 points. My final score was a 26. So again, thank you so much. I am extremely happy with the results.I strongly encourage everyone to take the boot camp. It seriously makes a HUGE difference. TorchPrep
  • Hey! I took the ww louisville prep class last session. I just got my score back and I got a 28, which is 3 points higher than my pervious score! I can now get the scholarship I’ve been working towards! Thanks so much for all your help! TorchPrep
  • I started with a 25. After taking your class, I got a 29! Thanks so so much! Now I can actually get a scholarship to LSU! TorchPrep

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We believe that the future is bright. Through our trainings, we are leaving a legacy that makes students, schools, and cities better by giving them the tools they need to take the next step in their education and professions.